Her healing hands are truly amazing.

Helen H

My shoulder feels freer, my breathing too…and you were right about my bowels. I feel more like me.     

Jacqui M

Following 10 days of Labyrinthitis (vertigo) I contacted Val for help as my regular Reflexologist was unavailable. I couldn't believe how much congestion I had in my toes and feet, but I immediately felt the benefits of Val's work. In the following hours, I felt like the Labyrinthitis had softened, with the dizzy spells becoming less frequent and extreme. The spells went completely within 48 hours and I'm pretty convinced Val's work helped my recovery. As a regular user of reflexology, I am a strong advocate of the benefits, but even I was blown away by how much it helped me overcome the Labyrinthitis and am wishing I'd had treatment sooner. I know what to do should I have another spell and would highly recommend Val and her magic fingers.

Teri C

I really enjoyed my reflexology treatment with Val. She knew what she was doing and homed in on areas that I already knew were issues. It felt pretty deep and profound in terms of the therapeutic effect it had on me and I look forward to further sessions. 

Charlotte P

Val's treatments leave me feeling thoroughly back on track. I am still tingling and my mood is great. Just what you need with the pressures of life. Val knows her stuff and can gently ease areas that she finds. I had lower back ache which magically disappeared following my first treatment!

Kathrine H

Fantastic treatment which seems to have banished the back pain that I've had for weeks. Really relaxing and a lovely hour of 'me time'. Thank you Val! 

Debbie T

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My whole body is feeling so much lighter and freer after my reflexology session with Val. She has a wonderful touch and I found her sensitive approach to my needs, released so much of my tension and congestion.

Pat H

Having had reflexology on around a dozen occasions, I found Val's reflexology to be far more powerful. She correctly deduced that I was suffering from a cold (which was not immediately apparent), and managed to make me feel better in the coming days. I would recommend Val.

Christopher C

I've had several treatments from these magical hands. Provide a nice firm treatment that leaves you feeling refreshed, sleeping better and improve overall wellbeing.

Linda A

Absolutely fantastic - not my first experience of reflexology but certainly the best. Val explained everything as she went along and certainly my recent neck and back problems are feeling better already! Brilliant!

Damien M

First visit to a reflexologist, found it a relaxing comfortable environment. Val explained everything very well. After 2 visits feeling a lot of relief in my feet. Would recommend.

Sara O

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